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Higashitaisetsu Nature Center (Higashitaisetsu Museum of Natural History)

Tokachi Area Kamishihoro Town
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Higashitaisetsu Nature Center was developed jointly by the Ministry of the Environment and the Kamishihoro Town Office as a base for disseminating information about the natural environment and history of the eastern Daisetsuzan National Park area and real-time local information and for providing environmental education in neighboring fields in Tokachi Mitsumata. More specifically, the Ministry of the Environment took charge of the development of the Nukabira Gensenkyo Visitor Center, an exhibition facility, and the Kamishihoro Town Office was responsible for the development of the Higashitaisetsu Museum of Natural History, an exhibition and storage facility, while these facilities were developed in an integrated manner. Nukabira Gensenkyo is located about 60 km from Obihiro City at the Tokachi-side entrance to Daisetsuzan National Park, so this facility is ideally situated for nature activities by visitors, conservation of the natural environment in the eastern Daisetsuzan National Park area, and the dissemination of a wide range of information from nature to tourist spots.

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Nukabira Gensenkyo 48-2, Kamishihoro-cho, Kato-gun



Wednesdays (or Thursday if Wednesday is a national holiday)
The year-end and New Year’s holidays (December 30 – January 5)


Free of charge

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Wheelchair accessibility
Parking Accessible restroom Slopes Nursing room Wheelchairs available upon request
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