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Hokkaido Digital Museum

Kitami City Rubeshibe Muka Ekitei

Okhotsk Area Kitami City

This facility originally opened on January 28, 1920 to promote land reclamation in the Muka Wilderness. Back then, it played crucial roles as a counselling center for settlers in the Onneyu, Yamato, Takinoyu, and other districts of today’s Rubeshibe Town in Kitami City, as a rest place and lodgings for travelers, and as a relay station for horses. However, the facility closed in 1936 and was transferred free of charge to Junichiro Sano, who had served as the facility’s first manager. It was used as a house until 1970. The Kitami City Government (former Rubeshibe Town Government) restored the building to its original state as a valuable cultural property and opened it to the public as the Development History Museum (Kaitaku Shiryokan). In fiscal 2021, the city government renovated the building and renamed it the Kitami City Rubeshibe Muka Ekitei, displaying items that showcase the original roles of the facility, people’s daily lives, and more.

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Takinoyu 126-3, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami, Hokkaido (previously, Takinoyu 127)

Hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Period: Wednesdays to Sundays between April 1 and November 30


Mondays and Tuesdays


Free of charge

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Parking Accessible restroom Slopes Nursing room Wheelchairs available upon request
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