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Hokkaido Digital Museum

Kushiro City Museum of Art

Kushiro and Nemuro Area Kushiro City
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The Kushiro Lifelong Learning Center, located on high ground in the Nusamai area overlooking the Kushiro River and Kushiro City, opened in November 1992. The third-floor art gallery gained popularity with local residents for its many excellent exhibitions. In April 2000, to make further strides, the gallery was renamed the Kushiro City Museum of Art, and it made a fresh start.

The museum has two exhibition rooms: one large and the other small. Its main activities are the hosting of special exhibitions of outstanding artworks in Japan and elsewhere and the holding of collection exhibitions primarily of the museum’s holdings. The museum also researches local artists and works associated with Kushiro, offers seminars on artworks, and engages in educational activities using the lifelong learning center’s functions, such as offering hands-on craft courses.

Facing the various needs of the 21st century, we at the museum are determined to play a part in promoting lifelong learning in pursuit of the richness and fullness of the mind by serving as a museum that is rooted in the local community and aspires to develop together with local residents.

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Nusamai-cho 4-28, Kushiro, Hokkaido

10:00 – 17:00


Mondays, the year-end and New Year’s holidays (December 29 – January 3), periods when exhibits are changed, etc.


Collection exhibitions: ¥140
Special exhibitions: Fees vary.

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